Junior Editor (Remote)

Hi there! We are Upflow, a content marketing agency building content strategies and creating brand media for businesses.

We are continuously growing, as is the scope of services requested by our current clients and the number of new clients eager to start working with us. We want to handle all project tasks in time and meet our clients expectations, and we need your help. Will you be our Junior Editor?

Here is what you are going to do:
  • Work on texts of various formats and genres
  • Collaborate with copywriters and check technical assignments for articles
  • Write our own texts
  • Analyze the performance of produced content.

You are our perfect match IF:
  • You have experience in writing informational texts.
  • You have a portfolio (even if there are few cases in it).
  • You have always wanted to be an editor and work on your writing skills.
  • You are a quick learner, can easily switch from one topic to another and investigate them profoundly and scrupulously.
  • You are ready to edit a lot, take criticism calmly and respectfully, and learn from your mistakes.

You’ll have an added advantage IF:
  • You understand SEO basics.
  • You have a degree in Philology or Journalism.

Here is what we are offering:
  • You’ll work remotely (we don’t care where you live as long as you stay in touch during your working hours).
  • We have a 5-day working week and an 8-hour working day with flexible starting time (you can start your day at 09:00 or 10:00).
  • We offer a highly competitive salary depending on your proficiency level.
  • If you are on a sick leave or scheduled vacation, you will still get paid.
  • There is a close community of experts at the agency with whom you’ll be able to exchange experience and ideas. We also have our own knowledge base.
  • You’ll be able to work out creative solutions for lead players in the market.
  • We’ll support your aspiration to boost your expertise and help you publish your articles or give speeches at professional conferences.
  • We practice a progressive management style, meaning that all employees are equal, and your manager is primarily your coach and colleague.
  • We create ample opportunities for your career advancement.