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Why work with us?

We are a friendly team of experienced content creating enthusiasts, who snatch ambitious and noticeable projects. Our agency has an efficient training system and a clear workflow, which although reglamented has plenty of room for creativity.

Working with us, you’ll get an opportunity to grow not only as an editor, but also as an analyst, SEO expert and content creator.

We interact with inhouse teams of our clients and adapt their best practices to develop our management and communication skills even further.

Perks of working with us

  • Flexibility
    We offer flexible working hours and a possibility to work remotely.
  • Competitive Salaries
    Our salaries are highly competitive and consist of a basic part and a bonus. BTW, if you are on a sick leave or scheduled vacation, you will still get paid.
  • Community
    Our in-house experts form a safe community where you’ll be encouraged to exchange ideas, past experiences and TV series recommendations. There is also a knowledge base and private expert chats available.
  • Progressive Management
    We practice a progressive management style, meaning that all employees are equal, and your manager is primarily your coach and colleague. We foster career ambitions and will help you grow inside the company.
  • Professional Growth
    We’ll support your desire to evolve professionally and help you if you decide to publish your articles or give a speech at a forum or a conference.
  • Team Building
    We have volunteer team building activities such as a language club and a book club.

All job openings

Account Manager

We cherish our clients and are looking for a people person who will cherish them too.

Content Manager (Remote)

If a keyword is your favorite word, tag along.

Junior Editor (Remote)

If no mistake escapes your scrutiny, you are our perfect candidate.